My Blarg.

Blog, Blarg, same diff.

My birthday is at Christmas. I got pregnant Father's Day weekend, I found out I was pregnant on 4th of July 2003, due date was St. Patrick's Day, found out I was having twins on Halloween, which was also our anniversary, and they were born on February 29th 2004, Leap Year. I guess you could say we are a holiday oriented family eh?

I love my family. I am a mother. I have twins. One boy, one girl, Nick and Emily. I planned my pregnancy. Mother Nature planned my twins. I am a single mother. I am a vegetarian. I am a non-radical animal activist. My best friend and soul mate is Bug. I am George. I am Booger. I am Auntie Shrew. I am Towanda! My second best friend and inspiration is Dorothea. I am a movie whore. My kids are Monkeys (Chinese calendar). I have a love/hate relationship with T.V. I am bi-polar. I like to read. I am an only child. I am an artist. I like to collect "cool junk". I write. I like photography. I love black and white photos. I work full time as a bookkeeper for my mommy. I am an occasional student. I am a sparkly goth. I am morbid. I am pierced and tattooed. I like dolphins, tigers and pandas and apparently now sea turtles. My favorite color is blue. I am responsible. I like glitter. I love the ocean. I own a rental. I like to stargaze. I love to sleep. I like tomatoes, peaches and strawberries. I love Portland, OR. I love the rain. I hate the heat. I used to have FIVE wisdom teeth. I like to fly. My parents are divorced. I like music. My kids like music. I am medicated. I have a rich history. I have goals. I like to cry. I love to laugh. I love my friends. I like auto-biographies. I like the library. I have regrets. I used to have a gallbladder. I like the farmers market. I like to dream. I am a chunky-munky. I have a psychologist. I have a psychiatrist. I have several physical therapists, and I'm still fucked up. I have crooked knees (maybe?). I am sarcastic. I am stronger than I think. I vent. I am honest. I am spiritual. I am trying to figure out how to be happy. I am the person who controls me. I am an old fart, but I am young at heart.